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What we believe about marriage reflects what we believe about God.

God designed marriage to tell us about Himself – to showcase His love, commitment, and redemption. What does it mean, then, that many Christians today aren’t sure what marriage is or why it matters? 

Could it be that while we were busy defending marriage (or trying not to offend the world) we actually lost sight of its original purpose and beauty? We must learn to speak wisely, biblically, and winsomely about marriage.

This book represents 4 years and thousands of hours of work from 40 experts on this crucial topic. These theologians, professors, pastors, and counselors have written on diverse topics related to marriage— from the way neuroscience upholds love to the challenges of dealing with broken relationships. All so that you can better understand and express the beauty and truth of God-honoring and world-changing marriage.

What You’ll Learn

Understand and Experience the Beauty of Marriage as God Designed it

Learn From Over 30 Experts on Marriage

Dive Deep with Theologians and Biblical Scholars

Get Practical Application From Pastors and

Engage the Conversation of Our Day

Be Equipped to Stand on the Truth About Marriage in Turbulent Times

And much more!

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